You Can Increase Your Score Quickly!

 Increase Your Credit Score

You could save years and thousands of dollars by using our legal and tested strategy to add points, credit age, and high credit limits to your credit report in days/weeks, not months or years of time.

Here at, we have sought out cardholders with excellent credit who are willing to share their great credit with anyone who could use the extra bump in score, age or credit limits. They simply get paid a fee to add you as an authorized user to one of their credit cards, which in turn, increases your credit score. It’s that simple!

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Here To Help With Your Credit

Our company has brought on hundreds of these people to help thousands of people like yourself get the credit you deserve without having to wait the years of time it takes to do this yourself. You see this process can be in as little as 7 14 days and you can have Increases on average of 35 45 points that quick. (This would take 1 to 10 years of time to do this on your own). Not only the time aspect but this can save you thousands of dollars in interest rates on houses, cars and credit cards just by having a higher credit score and more credit age on your credit report.

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What Is A Tradeline and How Does It Work?

A tradeline is a credit line or single account that is on your credit report from the three credit reporting bureaus. For example, any of your credit cards are known as tradelines on your credit reports. Your car loan is a tradeline. A home mortgage is a tradeline. If you have a personal loan, that is tradeline. And if you have a student loan that too is a tradeline and all tradelines are then calculated to be included on your total credit Penguin Credit score. (400 rated poor credit up to 850 rated excellent credit) The type of tradelines we provide are Seasoned Authorized User tradelines, with perfect payment history, low utilization (usually under 30%) and perfect payment history. We do this by adding you as an authorized user, allowing you to “piggyback” off the tradeline account in good standing. This will add a perfect payment history to your account, increased credit line limits, low utilization. We can provide this service because credit card companies will provide the credit bureaus the entire account history on any given tradeline for you as an authorized user. This is an injection of positive history into your credit report that you may have now, thus recalculating and raising your Penguin Credit scores by a significant positive amount.

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